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This is the background to the galleries the what, where, when, and why, this is where I will talk about my trips and my experiences. This is the part that inspired me to call my site Images of Infinite Wonder.


The RAW Truth

A few people have expressed to me, the desire to be better shooters. Some (unbelievably) have said that it is my images that have inspired this desire. I thank you for the lie… So, I […]

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Lightroom Preset

STEP ONE: Download your preset.  If you are doing this through my site, it is a simple matter of clicking the link. Click on the link to start the Download This is how it looks […]

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Scanners are negative Capt’n

If you’re like me you started with film and maybe just maybe there is a couple of shots in that box in the back of the cupboard, that may be worth digitising.

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Shooting Stars

Along time ago on a Facebook page far far away……. How to shoot episode IV.  A New Hope -for a decent Astro-shot  (digitally remastered with 10 more lines and new pic). I wrote a post […]

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