Hands-on Pre-release Nikon z5 in review.

Last week I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the new Nikon z5, a week or so before the official release. Unfortunately, I only had about 48 hours to put this camera though […]

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The Pros of Post-Processing

How to make your photos look more professional; Post-Processing for beginners Have you ever said: Why don’t my photos look like that? Or How do they get those colours? Or how do I make my […]

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The RAW Truth

A few people have expressed to me, the desire to be better shooters. Some (unbelievably) have said that it is my images that have inspired this desire. I thank you for the lie… So, I […]

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Lightroom Preset

STEP ONE: Download your preset.  If you are doing this through my site, it is a simple matter of clicking the link. Click on the link to start the Download This is how it looks […]

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Scanners are negative Capt’n

If you’re like me you started with film and maybe just maybe there is a couple of shots in that box in the back of the cupboard, that may be worth digitising.

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Shooting Stars

Along time ago on a Facebook page far far away……. How to shoot episode IV.  A New Hope -for a decent Astro-shot  (digitally remastered with 10 more lines and new pic). I wrote a post […]

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To Frame or not to Frame that is the question.

To Frame or not to Frame that is the question, whether tis’ nobler in the gallery to suffer the costs and pain of framing, Or to take arms against a sea of cost, and only […]

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Infinite Wonder of Africa Photographic Exhibition

I am thrilled to announce that I have been asked to hold a photographic exhibition at this years Adventure Travel Film Festival in Fremantle from 20 – 22 March 2020 . Infinite Wonder of Africa; […]

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The Antarctic, it is a Travel and Wildlife Photographers dream. In 2005 I was lucky enough to be stationed with the British Antarctic Survey for 7months on Bird Island, South Georgia. “Antarctica. You know, that […]

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The Dreaded BPS

The dreaded BPS, the worst nightmare of many an author and Uni student. I am not, usually, a sufferer of the much-feared “Blank Page Syndrome”. Normally, I have something that needs to be written and […]

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