To Frame or not to Frame that is the question.

To Frame or not to Frame that is the question, whether tis’ nobler in the gallery to suffer the costs and pain of framing, Or to take arms against a sea of cost, and only foam-board mount. And by mounting them? To look bad: to sleep No more;

I made it one of my goal this year 2020, to “get a show (exhibition) or some type of public recognition”. I did not tell any one this but in 1st week of January, I was contacted by an event coordinator to have an exhibition. He told me at our meeting about it that he thought “ that I would not be interested in a small scale exhibition cus I was too good”. I don’t know if that was blowing smoke, but it made me feel good.

For three days I was walking on air with my brain squirming like a toad. I started my to do list (mainly stolen from google searches as I have never done this before). I went from stoked to freaked. Oh, MY F#$^%EN GOD there is a lot to do. And a lot of costs. I want this so the cost is not really an issue but I don’t have money so it is an issue… but it is an investment in me and my photographic career, so it is not an issue… but I have no money… Around and around I went. it spins me right ’round, baby, right ’round Like a record, baby, right ’round, ’round, ’round……

Finally, I fell (rather dizzy) on “I’ll do as best as I can but try to keep the money to a minimum”. This of course simply means more work and time doing things that I don’t know how to do… I do love a challenge… gulp…. The gallery is not a set up galley but a concourse for a larger international festival, which just increases the traffic but also increases the set up work. … gulp…. again. … gulp….

At this point, there are more questions than answers. Over the next few blogs, I will be trying to figure out how to, create the display spaces to show my work. How to light it properly. What is the best way to display my work, to mount, to frame, to border? Sponsor ship?

My First port of call was to reach out to my friend and professional amazing photographer Steve Fraser. He sat down with me and discussed things for a few hours.  I am immensely grateful but still clueless.

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